About Us

Capatin John Grim The Salty DocHello Everyone!

You can call me Salty Doc or Captain Grim. “Doc” stems from the fact that I’m a dentist… but since retiring I’ve found that “captain” suits me just as well! I do hope you’ll allow me to show you some of San Diego’s best fishing. I’ve been fishing these waters in excess of 15 years. The best thing about the fishing in this part of the world is the potential variety of fish available from season to season.

I provide time for instruction in all aspects of fishing (especially flyfishing) and usually direct clients to a few web sites before departing. I especially like sexyloops.com because it has streaming video clips of various casting techniques. If you’re a beginner, we can devote a portion of the trip to casting a fly rod. This is the heart and soul of that sport, and I would be pleased to introduce you to it.

Captain Grim.