San Diego Bay Fly fishing

San Diego Bay Fishing with The Salty DocSan Diego Fly Fishing Guide Saltwater Fly Fishing

Captain John Grim, The Saltydoc, guides San Diego Bay and local waters with an emphasis on the “flyrod”. He also uses conventional tackle but has personally advocated and fished with a flyrod from North to South America and points east and west. Join Capt John for a rewarding and exciting  saltwater fly fishing trip on San Diego Bay and local waters. Capt. John ties most of his saltwater flys and loves to make that special catch using one of his custom creations.

Fly Fishing in San DiegoSan Diego Bay Fly fishing

Fly fishing San Diego Bay is quite unique in that most think that it is impossible and relate to fly fishing for lakes and streams only. San Diego Bay is a “lake” that has areas with current flow just like a stream and that’s generally where the fish are. For the most part I use heavy sinking lines on 3 different weights of fly rod. Those being 5,7, and 9 wt. with 200 to 350 gr. lines to reach the bottom in all areas of the bay from 6 ft. to 40 ft. in depth. All the flies are a Clouser pattern of some type that enables them to sink rapidly with the line.

Fly fishing San Diego Bay is really dependent on current flow, so you  become quite adept at anticipating the moon/tidal phases that create the currents that   get the clam worms, siphon tubes, shrimp, ghost shrimp, crabs, other molluscs and minnows  moving around so the predators (Bass, Mackerel, Bonefish, etc) are feeding.  Without  the current fishing can be on the slow side.   Also I use an attractant on the flyes
(Hotsauce/Umibutter) to make the bait taste more fishy.  All “takes” are done with a  strip-strike rather than lifting the rod and for the most part the reel is never used in landing a fish, just a continuous slow strip of the line through the guides.

San Diego Bay Fly fishing Guide Trips

I may cover the entire Bay from front to back on a typical San Diego Bay fly fishing Guide trip.  Generally a good place to start is the Bait Barge early am and depending on tides I will work from Shelter Island cuts and banks back to the
Coronado Bridge and then proceed to The Cays or J Street marina in CV.  Usually for a ½ day trip we meet at Sun Road Marina at 6 am and return before 11:30 am.

The Salty Doc Fly Fishing in San DiegoSan Diego Fly Fishing Instruction

For those anglers that are hesitant to try fly fishing you have come to the right “boat” since the “Doctor” is a patient San Diego fly fishing guide that thoroughly enjoys providing personal instruction that may result in a catch and
years of additional angling enjoyment.

San Diego Bay Fly Fishing Guide Trip Rates:

A half-day trip that includes snacks, beverages, and gear.
Cost for 2 anglers is $350
Each additional angler $50 each (up to 4)